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We are micro reactor Geeks! We are the world's first company focused on micro reactor applications: Shanghai Hybrid-Chem Technologies Co., Ltd., also known as HCT.

HCT founded in 2015 in the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone, is an innovative high-tech company focused on continuous process development and industrialization. HCT mainly serves:fine chemical enterprises and pharmaceutical research and development enterprises.
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Technical Application
Technology Introduction

Microchannel, microreaction, these are short for microchannel reactor technology. Superflux is the flux beyond the conventional microchannel reactor, which means that the flux is large. Hybrid process is a kind of continuous reaction process based on micro-channel reactor, combined pipe reactor, CSTR Reactor and Kettle Reactor, which is called Hybrid process.

Efficient heat transfer :The heat transfer efficiency increases thousand times, is good at handling the fast reaction, the violent

Mass transfer enhancement :Increase the mass transfer efficiency of heterogeneous reactions such as liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, gas-l

Intrinsic safety :The reactor volume is very small, and the liquid holdup of the hazardous materials in the reaction sectio

Highly automated :Machine replacement, automatic reduction, DCS system one-button start and stop

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