Dr. Bing Ma

Founder, Chairman and General Manager

Dr. Ma is a visionary and a young techno-entrepreneur. He is the chief-promoter of HCT, as he leads the strategic planning and supervises the overall affairs of the company. He is responsible for marketing, business development activities along with oversight of R&D. Dr. Ma is widely travelled and has a wide experience and knowledge of modern management techniques.

He delivers a visionary understanding of client challenges and opportunities, and the instinctive ability to facilitate collaboration between the right people to turn strategic concepts into actionable plans – and, ultimately, into business results.

Dr. Ma has 10 years of industrial experience in microreactor technologies and its applications from lab to scale up production. Prior to founding HCT in 2015, Dr. Ma was the technology and commercial director for Corning micro reactor business, in which position he developed himself into an expert of micro reactor application and engineering. Before that, he held senior positions as drug discovery management at Bioduro Technologies, Beijing.Dr. Ma earned his Ph. D. from Brigham Young University, USA, focusing on the total synthesis of complex nature products. He obtained the B. S. and M.S. from the chemistry department at Nanjing University. He has a number of research paper published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals including JACS and Angew Chem., and has filed more than 10 patents.Dr. Ma is also an adjunct professor at Changzhou University, China.

Xuesong Kong, senior engineer

Founder and Deputy General Manager

Mr. Kong is a co-founder of HCT. He is an engineer with 11 years of diversified experience in operational excellence, project finance, business development, credit and risk management, technology, application development and microreactor engineering. His positive approach towards life and people, multi skilled capabilities generates a vibrant atmosphere at the workplace.

He brings discipline, punctuality, dedication, hard work and quality within organization. His last position was with Sinopec-Shanghai as a Chief engineer of chemical division. Mr. Kong obtained his undergraduate and master’s degree from the prestigious Zhejiang University, China.

Dr. Shuai Pan

Technical Transfer Director

Dr. Pan is a key member of the scientific leadership team at HCT. Prior to this he worked with Huahai Pharmaceuticals and STA pharma (a Wuxi Pharma company) in China and has led a distinguished career. He has over 8 years of industrial experience. Dr. Pan brings in an extensive expertise in executing projects successfully and is actively involved in managing various aspects of technical operations, while spear-heading business and commercial objectives.

He is known for his energetic & innovative leadership and problem solving approach. He has a demonstrated record of working with and motivating multidisciplinary teams to achieve goals under tight budgets and timelines. Dr. Pan is a specialist in new drug development, process development, optimization and scale up. He obtained his Ph. D. from Chinese Academy of Science and bachelor degree from Wuhan University. Dr. Pan has a number of patents and articles in prestigious peer-reviewed journals.

Han Wang, senior engineer

Chief Engineer

Mr. Wang is an engineer and a key member of the technical team at HCT.

He brings with him diverse and broad experience to drive strategic growth plans. Over his career, he has delivered strong and successful business outcomes within complex environments.

Mr. Wang has a rich experience of over two decades in chemical industry. His skills and talents have grown with experiences in the pharmaceutical industry across drug research and development, process scale up and safe production management. Mr. Wang proved his mantle in successfully designing and executing micro reactor technology from lab to scale up production. He has led a distinguished career with increasing responsibilities at various pharmaceutical companies, including Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd., and Wuxi Pharma., Mr. Wang received his undergraduate in chemistry from Guilin University of Technology.

Yaoyu Yang

Research & Development Director

Mr. Yang is a key member of the scientific leadership team at HCT. His past organizations include Peptech and Porton in China. He has over 14 years of industrial experience (CRO, CDMO). Mr. Yang is proactive and effective team-builder with special talent for employee recognition, involvement and motivating and empowering the cross-functional teams. He has experience in leading, mentoring and providing technical directions to large teams of scientists.

He has been involved in the process development, tech transfer and scale up of multiple NCEs and API projects. Mr. Yang brings in an extensive expertise in executing projects successfully with vast knowledge in medicinal chemistry, process optimization, process development, production and scale up. He obtained his undergraduate degree from Donghua University and master degree in organic chemistry from Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, China.

Dr. Sushil C. Jha

Research & Development Director

Dr. Jha is a key member of the scientific leadership team at HCT. Prior to this he worked with Lianhetech Chemical Company, China and with TCG Lifesciences, India. He has over 11 years of industrial (CMO, CRO) and 10 years of research experience. He has expertise in organic, new process development and process optimization and is a versatile scientist with a deep understanding of the fundamental issues that underlie various aspects of drug discovery.

Dr. Jha has postdoctoral research experience from University of Hull, UK and from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. He has earned his Ph.D. from National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India and masters in organic chemistry from Pune University, India. Dr. Jha has a number of patents and articles in prestigious peer-reviewed journals. He has also several awards & honors to his credit.