Company introduction

We are micro reactor Geeks! We are the world's first company focused on micro reactor applications: Shanghai Hybrid-Chem Technologies Co., Ltd., also known as HCT.

Shanghai Hybrid-Chem Technologies (HCT), founded in 2015 in the China (Shanghai) Free Trade Pilot Zone, is an innovative high-tech company focused on continuous process development and industrialization. HCT mainly serves:

Fine chemical enterprises: to develop continuous reaction process packages, to construction the fully integrated functional equipment, to achieve safer, more environmentally friendly, more efficient industrial chemicals manufacturing. 

Pharmaceutical research and development enterprises: to provide flow chemistry CRO and CMO services.

HCT has worked with hundreds of customers for more than 300 reactions, with the success rate of as great as 75%.

HCT was founded by experts in the field of synthetic chemistry and chemical engineering, and has rich experience in continuous flow process development and industrialization. HCT team members have very good education background, and most of them have strong experience from related areas, such as pharmaceutical research companies and fine chemical manufacturing plants.  

HCT started the operation with the initial capital investment of Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, one of the China fortune 500 companies. In the middle of 2019, HCT accepted the strategic investment from Shanghai Huaming High-Tech Group. HCT has a fully functionalized flow chemistry research platform of 2000 m2 in Shanghai chemical industry park, and a 1000 m2 satellite lab focusing on hazardous reactions in Huai’an, Jiangsu province. At the meanwhile, HCT has established two job labs, one with Shanghai Chemical Research Institute for the process safety assessment, and the other with Mettler Toledo for the online process analysis and quality control.